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      Travel Zhangjiajie Guide was established in 2012: one man, one computer. With 3 years of development, we now have English, Thai,  Korean, Japanese, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Russian language teams. Each year 10+ colleagues in Zhangjiajie's head office help 10,00+ visitors discover Zhangjiajie.

Xiangxi CYTS and Travel Zhangjiajie Guide

      Zhangjiajie Xiangxi Youth International Travel Service Co., Ltd is approved by the National Tourism Bureau established the "license number: L-HUN-08036" tourism enterprises with independent legal personality. Is member of China CYTS Group, director of the Hunan Provincial Tourism Association, the Zhangjiajie area is one of the large scale and comprehensive strength is very strong in the international travel agency. Run into the mirror and domestic tourism, conference, tourism, business booking, vehicle scheduling and charter train services., whose largest English website is

      Travel Zhangjiajie Guide has grown to be the leading online Zhangjiajie tour operator and an innovator in the online Zhangjiajie travel industry.

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